IP Subnetting Demystified

  • 1

    IP Addressing

    • Broadcast Domains
    • Binary Conversion
    • Classful vs Classless
    • Network Address Zones
    • Subnetting: Best Kept Secrets
  • 2

    Class C Subnetting

  • 3

    Class B Subnetting

    • Class B Address: 5 Hosts
    • Class B Address: 25 Hosts
    • Class B Address: 300 Hosts
  • 4

    Class A Subnetting

    • Class A Address: 2 Hosts
    • Class A Address: 100 Hosts
    • Class A Address: 150 Hosts
  • 5

    Branch Office Example

    • Branch Office
  • 6

    Data Center Example

    • Data Center
  • 7

    Internet DMZ Example

    • Internet DMZ
  • 8

    Subnetting Practice Lab

    • Subnetting Lab
    • Subnetting Errors
    • Subnet Calculator
    • Subnetting Assistant

IP Subnetting Demystified

Learn Subnetting Quickly and Prepare For CCNA Exam 

Subnetting is one of the most difficult topics to learn for network administrators. You must know how to create and configure IP subnets on the job and for all Cisco certification exams. This course will demystify the reason for subnetting and show you how to subnet anything in 4 easy steps. 

Your configuration scripts will suddenly start to make more sense and how network engineers and architects develop addressing schemes. Subnetting all address classes will becomes intuitive as you get practice along with a subnetting lab and utilize a subnet calculator. 

Learn how to segment your network with private, public and DMZ network address zones for security purposes. The course is well suited for anyone working in I.T or CCNA students that want to learn subnetting fundamentals quickly.  

Course Highlights

  • Binary Conversion

  • Classful vs Classless 

  • Network Address Zones

  • Class C, Class B and Class A

  • Subnetting Practice Lab

  • Branch Office and Data Center

  • Subnet Calculator

  • Subnetting Best Kept Secrets