Course curriculum

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    CCNA Troubleshooting Labs

    • Switch Interfaces
    • Trunking
    • Static Routing
    • EIGRP-1
    • EIGRP-2
    • OSPF
    • Extended ACL
    • IP Default Gateway
    • Troubleshooting Tutorial
    • Introduction to Packet Tracer
    • IOS Command Reference
    • CCNA Configuration Reference
    • Virtual Labs: Practice at Home

Course Description

Get your CCNA certification on first attempt with effective training designed specifically for passing the CCNA exam. It is not a cohesive strategy to read a 1,000 page book and 60 hours of videos then hope to pass the exam. Getting any certification is about knowing what to learn and how to study. It is not possible to remember everything so start with foundational concepts first and foremost.

CCNA is an entry level certification that tests your practical skills. Troubleshooting simulation questions are worth approximately 40% of all exam points. This course is designed to provide the troubleshooting skills necessary for passing the CCNA exam.

Learn how to troubleshoot from incident reports similar to the actual CCNA exam.  You will learn how to read a running configuration script as well and draw on your knowledge of networking fundamentals. You will learn techniques for troubleshooting along with step-by-step analysis and resolution of errors. Network administrators spend most of their time in "Fix it mode". Learn how to troubleshoot network problems faster and enhance your career options. 

  • Learn how to troubleshoot with examples from popular CCNA exam topics.

  • Learn techniques to isolate network problems from CCNA incident reports.

  • Essential skills training course for passing CCNA certification exam.

  • Includes key certification support articles to prepare you for exam.

Troubleshooting labs are available for download so you can practice at home with step-by-step instructions. Setup your virtual lab and learn how to troubleshoot network systems.